Short Biography :

Laetitia Mespouille obtained her Ph.D. from the University of Mons-Hainaut in 2007, under the guidance of Professor Philippe Dubois. Her thesis work was focused on the controlled synthesis and characterization of adaptative amphiphilic polymer conetworks combining controlled polymerization techniques (ROP and ATRP) as well as Click coupling processes as the Huisgen-1,3-cycloaddition. During her PhD, she performed a first 6 months stay at IBM Almaden Research Center in California where she worked under the supervision of James L. Hedrick and Craig J. Hawker on the preparation of PEO networks by Click chemistry. She performed then a second stay at Stanford University where she worked on the synthesis and mechanical characterization of the amphiphilic polymer conetworks under the guidance of Curtis W. Franck. In 2008, she undertook a post-doctoral stay at IBM research Center supported by the Center on Polymer Interfaces and Macromolecular Assemblies (CPIMA). She worked in collaboration with J. Hedrick on the preparation of functional cyclic carbonates and their controlled ring-opening polymerization by the mean of metal-free catalysts. End of 2008 she was appointed junior lecturer at the University of Mons (UMONS), a permanent position in the laboratory of Prof. Philippe Dubois. She was then appointed senior lecturer in 2013. Since then, she is supervising research activities in the thematic of Controlled Synthesis and Biomedical applications. She is managing a group of c.a. 5-8 researchers (Master thesis, PhDs and post-docs)

Her research activities are focused on the synthesis/preparation of polymer materials for biomedical applications as drug delivery, gene therapy and tissue engineering, by taking advantage of macromolecular engineering synthetic toolbox and Click chemistry reactions as well as self-assembling properties. Recent research focus points are devoted to macromolecular design for tailored biomedical vectors in targeted drug delivery, polymer coating of biocompatible metal surface, smart coating for cell culture, photosensitive nanogels and injectable doubly-crosslinked hydrogels. More recently, she started a new research field focused on biomaterials for tissue reconstruction. She is particularly skilled in the ROP of functional cyclic carbonates, ATRP and RAFT polymerization of methacrylates and acrylamide and click coupling process.